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Let's talk about smokey eyes right before we start with the products!
A smokey eye can be created with every shade, but the classic one is black. But you can without a doubt create one with blue shades, pink shades, green shades whatever you want BUT, be careful because a smokey eye should always look classy. So don't go for a neon palette but more for the more settled ones. And it's always a good idea to mix in some black at the outer corner you know, to intensify the look. 

Now since I have asian monolids, I cannot do my smokey eye as other people that have an actual crease. So just keep that in mind because my blending and my outcome are gonna be slightly different.

So let's get started!

• Skin

1. Prep your skin with a lightweight moisturizer (f.ex. bebe young care mattifying lotion) and then prime your face (f.ex. benefit porefessional). You can also only use a skin priming balm like I did; Nivea Men sensitive after shave balm.
Let, whatever you put on your face, sink into your skin for a few minutes and then we can move on.
2. Contouring looks more natural and blends out easier when you apply your contour lines underneath your foundation. (My opinion ofc) so I used the Make up revolution ultra cover and conceal palette medium-dark. This palette contains 8 shades which go from medium-light up to 90%cacao-chocolate-brown. So I used that darkest shade under the cheekbones to give them a lifting effect, all the way along my hairline and under my chin to avoid the doublechinlookšŸ˜….
Then I went in with the third darkest shade, which is like a good medium brown, and i put that wherever i put the darkest shade, but this shade is going to help you blend out the colors easier. So put it a little higher on the cheekbones, on the forehead and nose. 
Lastly I picked a slightly salmony concealer to correct any darkness and to sharpen up the contour lines. 
Done? Yes well then you should look something like this: 

3. Now blend that out using a damp beauty blender and apply some foundation over it (f.ex. MUFE HD Foundation -important: dab/stipple the foundation on. Don't use a rubbing motion because that will only move your concealer)

And there you gošŸ˜» perfectly contoured face that still looks quite natural!

Now moving on to the eyes! 
[ yes i already did my brows. It's the Anasatasia Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown as always ] 

• Eyes

1. Always apply a base to your eyelid if you're going for a dark look. I put a little bit of concealer over my eyes and then a black base ( Stila stay all day smudge stick ) just so that the black shades have something to adhere to and don't look washed out. 
Then, since you probably smudged your base kind of messily, smooth the edges out by blending in a crease shade. I used a mix between a matte ashy brown tone and a slightly darker one. Start with the lighter one and then build up. ( both are from the Sephora Color festival palette ) 

2. The color! I did a really reallllllly easy smokey eye here: i only used the Make up Revolution Pure Pigments Antic all over the lid with a damp flat shader brush. And yep just build up the color until happy with the pigmentation and let's move on!

3. Since this is a quite dark look you're gonna need a inner corner highlight. Just chose whichever one you prefer. You can go for white, silvery, golden, whatever you like! I chose a silver one since there are silvery glitter chunks in my pigment. 

4. Curl your lashes and apply some mascara. I used additionally some falsies because otherwise the black will just look like too much for my face. 
Apply mascara and some dark eyeshadow to your bottom lashes. I chose a dark purple color just to open up the eye a little bit. 

Now you're good to go! 
Just finish off the look with either setting powder or a setting spray. I used the Urban Decay All nighter with a little bit of Catrice All Matt plus powder and the kiko beam of light 02 highlighter. And pop on some blush if you like.
I just applied some chapstick to my lips because i thought any lip color would be over the top.

I hope you enjoyed readingšŸ˜»šŸ˜»

And i've got exciting news for you: I live in Luxembourg as some of you may know and we never had a Mac Store here! And now there's one here and I actually got invited to the Avant-Premiere. i'll blog about that experience since I never had one like that before! 
Keep you posted

xx, nathišŸ˜˜


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