Review: Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Colour in ' Heather Mauve '

Hey guys! 

Today I want to share with you my thoughts about the Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Colour in Heather Mauve.
This is my first ever Bobbi Brown Lipstick! 

It's a really nice nude-ish mauve color, the packaging is simple and black, there is no particular scent to the lipstick, you get 3.6g for about 20$ (depending on where you buy it, i paid 27€).

What Bobbi Brown says:

"Creamy Matte Lip Color combines the long-lasting look of a modern matte lip with incredible wearability, from nudes to brights to bolds."


It actually looks much darker in the packaging and on the hand than it looks on your lips. 


This applies like a dream! Even if your lips are a little bit chapped, this will 'even' them out. It goes on sheer, kind of like a lipbalm, and sets to a matte finish. Since it does set only a little bit, it will transfer when you kiss someone, it will rub off a little bit when you eat and drink, but nothing too dramatic. So i don't think you need to reapply all the time while your day goes on.


This is a longlasting Lipstick! Even if it rubs off a little bit when you touch something with your lips, it does stay. The color is kind of like a stain, and I think that is because it's a matte formula. 

Price and other stuff:

So now here's the thing: i bought it a little bit overpriced, for 27€! While it only costs 20$ on the Bobbi Brown website. So yes what I can say is that it is a really great lipstick for 20$ and well let's just say I'm totally okay with the 27€ i paid. 


All in all, I can say that this lipstick is really great because it is nourishing to the lips but matte at the same time. So you can wear this all day, and it does stay all day, without having chapped lips in the evening. I particularly chose this color because it actually looks like my lip color, but way better. 
This means I am probably going to wear this on an everyday basis because it looks so natural. 

[ i'm sorry that my lips look so weird but I actually have a really weird lipshape, that's why I don't really post lipswatches. ]

That's it for today! If you're having any other questions about this, don't be afraid to leave a comment.

I hope you're having a great day beautiful! 
xx, nathi😘


  1. Great that you are happy with the product. For that price, I would expect good quality as well.


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