Simple, yet effectiv DIY's 💁

Hello my beloved reader😘

Today's post is a little bit different because it's not about a makeup look or something similar. 

Today I want to share with you some products I use and trust in since a good amount of time and they're easy, affordable and effective so what do we need more?😎

Now it's only about 3 things, but, honestly, why would you need like 10 things if only 3 really work? Yes, I know. 

Now what you'll absolutely need is:

• empty containers

And yep, the other things are either optional or just for a product you don't need/want.

So starting off with the first product in the little sephora container. 

1. Selfmade primer
What I mixed together:
• 1 spoon of Nivea for Men Sensitive After Shave Balm
• 1 spoon of pure Tea Tree Oil
• 1/2 spoon of a pore filling primer (optional)
• a few drops of a foundation

Why I mixed them:
So the After Shave Balm contains glyceril and that makes this a perfect base for your foundation becauseeee it makes your makeup stick to your face. Not quite like glue but you get the point💁 
Now the Tea Tree Oil is important because this oil has SO.MANY.BENEFITS like seriously it's like a wonderoil for your skin. It cures acne, tightens up your pores and controls the oils on your face. And I know it's called 'oil' but this is not oily at all it's more comparable to a 'dry oil'. And Tea Tree Oil is also quite cheap so if you don't own some already, i'd suggest you get up right now and go get some!
The pore filling primer is optional just because not everyone out there has pores like mine. So I always need something to fill them up with. I used the Benefit Porefessional with this. 
And finally the drops of foundation! Why? Because that way your primer already has a littttle bit of coverage. Means? You'll need less foundation/concealer! Isn't that great? 

This primer will keep you matte and will hold your foundation and concealer in place all day. I don't recommend this for dry skin! Oily/combination skin approved. 

2. DIY dry shampoo

What I mixed together: 
• baby powder 
• cocoa powder 

The baby powder is great at absorbing oils from your scalp and it'll leave your hair matte, so don't expect shiny pritty hair from this! 
The cocoa powder is being mixed in simply because I have black hair and I don't want a grey cast on my scalparea. So a dark powder will counteract to that. You can also use like a loose bronzer or anything like that will work.
Many people also use cornstarch instead of baby powder, but I don't think that there is a big difference. 
I only use this when I definitely ran out of my batiste or klorane dry shampoo and I don't have time to buy a new one. Because this is really drying and if you have a sensitive scalp, i wouldn't recommend this. And, not like regular dry shampoos, it will keep your hair from getting oily for like 3 days in a row. I swear. But it'll also dry out your hair a little bit just so you know. 

3. DIY Toner + anti dandruff cure

What i mixed together: 
1 part apple cider vinegar (apfelessig) with 2 parts of cold water 

This has 2 uses 🙏 And i honestly cannot live without this anymore!
Firstly, you can use it as a toner. It's great for oily skin or combination skin because it just really makes your skin feel soft and it counteracts oiliness. Plus it makes your pores tighten up so what do we need more? It's a great toner and affordable and I think it works better than the clinique one , which was in that bottle before, which costs probably five times more🙈
Secondly, you can use this on your wet hair in the shower. 
I don't know exactly why, but a while ago, i started having some dandruff on my scalp and i tried a few anti dandruff shampoos then but none of them worked for me. So I googled a little bit and found that this should also work so I tried it out and yesssss🙏
I massage this into my scalp after shampooing and let it sit there a few minutes while my conditioner is also sitting in my ends and then I rinse both of them out and my hair has never felt better! It's squeaky clean and no dandruff anywhere and yep i just think it's great. A nice plus, which is not because of the apple cider vinegar tho, is that your hair will grow faster. Because massaging the scalp is important for the blood flow thing and so your hairroots will be stimulated and your hair will look nicer and grow better. You're welcome😏

So that's it for today guys! 
Hope you enjoyed these little diy's and let me know if you want more such posts because I love experimenting for you☺️

Also, let me know if you've tried any of these and if you liked it or nah!😍

Thank you for reading and have a nice day,
xx, nathi😘


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