The multi-purpose oil you've been looking for without knowing it❤️

Hola beauties!

I'm back today with a product you just NEED in your life and you don't even know that.
You know, when using oils we mostly go for facial oils, hair oils, body oils and whatever we may find.
But what if we could just buy one oil which can be used for everything?

I'm talking about the NUXE Huile Prodigieuse OR Multi-purpose dry oil for face, body, hair 😍

This is a wonderful oil but unfortunately many people don't know how to use it, since I often get asked how I use it, and today, I wanna share this with you.

I bought the OR (gold) version just because I thought that looks prettier.

This oil retails for 18€ without the gold and 21€ with the gold - so it's not hella expensive.

I know what you may think now; but I only get 50ml that's not enough for that amount of money?
And I must say you are so wrong! Why?

This is a precious oil so you should never use it all by itself. You'll need to mix it with stuff and I will tell you how, why and what it does. (Keep in mind that I can only talk for this gold version since I do not own the other one and have never tried it).

  • Mix it with your moisturizer (face)
This is a great way to get some extra moisture and some summer glow! Put one or two drops into your face moisturizer and get that healthy glowy look without even trying. A big plus; the ingredients are 95,2% natural ingredients so this is great for your skin since there are no harmful chemicals.

  • Mix it with your moisturizer (body)
 Put two or three drops into your body moisturizer and damn - that summer glow can't be beaten!
  • Mix it with a hair cream 
By putting one or two drops into your day hair cream (or even your hair oil, as you wish) your hair will look shiny and sparkly

  • Mix it with hair conditioner
By mixing two or three drops with your conditioner, your hair will feel silky smooth and nourished like never before.! By mixing two or three drops with your conditioner, your hair will feel silky smooth and nourished like never before.

  • Put a few drops onto your neck, decollté, hand wrists and everywhere you put perfume
Not only will this act as a kind of highlighter, but by putting this under your perfume, you will smell nice for longer! Simply because while the oil is penetrating into your skin, it will take the perfume with it and that way instead of just sitting onto your skin, your perfume will be into your skin.

  • Mix it with your foundation
Have you ever seen someone with such nice glowy skin that you just got sooo jealous? Foundations are great but trust me, mixing one or two drops of this oil into your pump of foundation will make it look flawlessss!

Now the thing you should know is that you can use whatever shi*ty moisturizer, cream, conditioner, etc you may have, because this oil will work by itself! 
It is a dry oil so you don't have to worry about looking oily/greasy with this on. It will sink into your skin much faster than regular 'oil' (??who would use that tho haha)

This has made my life so much better I swear! I know that this may sound like an advertisement but I promise you with all my heart that this is my honest opinion.
A big plus regarding the size of this bad boy; I own it now for about one and a half year and it' still half full! So you get what you need for your 20 bucks. This is simply because you only need a few drops.

So should you buy this?
Absolutely yes!
It will make your face look better, your skin look more flawless, your hair prettier and your overall will look amazing.
This is a great buy especially now for the summer; just imagine mixing this in with your sunscreen omg your skin will look bomb! ( keep in mind that it doesn't have any SPF so it won't prevent sunburns etc - always use a sunscreen! )

So yes this should be all. 
If you want to have any further informations, don't hesitate to contact me, I'm always happy to help :)

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this little post.

xx nathi😘


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    Thank you for your nice post. This post is very informative and useful for others. i didn't know that essential also can use like this. Thank you again and hope you post this types of article.

  2. This is a nice post. Thank you.

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