YSL All Hours Foundation: PASS or YASS? (Review)

Hey babes,

We'll be talking some more about high-end foundations today, because I know that it can be difficult to decide whether or not you should spend a lot of coins on that or not.
I would advise you to do a lot of research before buying high-end makeup especially when you're on a budget, so in this post I want to share my experience with the Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Liquid Foundation, to make your decision just a little bit easier.

Starting off with facts and claims about the foundation:

  • Price: 51,50€/ 58$ / £33,50 (based on Sephora & yslbeauty)
  • 22 shades (from 'Porcelain' to 'Ebony')
  • 0.84 fl.oz / 25ml (usually foundations are 1fl.oz, so you'll get less)
  • SPF 20
Official claims:
  • matte finish for a flawless complexion, reduced appearance of pores, fresh & smooth skin
  • lasts 24hours, no touch up needed
  • full coverage, no mask-like effect
  • waterproof, transfer-resistant, oil-free
  • enriched with a skincare complex & UV filter
  • suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin

About my skin:

I used to have an overall very oily skin but it has changed over time. 
I do feel like I got quite 'normal' skin now, which gets a little bit oily on the t-zone during the day but not too much and I don't have any dry patches. 
I don't have too many imperfections to cover up, except for some blackheads on the nose and a bit of discolouration/dark spots. 


I got shade BD40, which is called Warm Sand.
I mostly apply one layer with a round top brush and then build up a few areas with a beautyblender.
The primer I use is the Benefit Porefessional.


  • Starting point:
before makeup application

  • End of the day:


This foundation has become my go-to as I wear it basically every single day. For this review, the pictures taken were 9 hours apart and as you can see it held up perfectly. As I think, this is one of the few foundations that will look better as the day passes. However, I think if you have really oily skin you will have to blot throughout the day as it's not super oil controlling. It's a perfect foundation for mixed/normal skin as it's neither drying nor turning you into a oil ball.
The thing I love most about it is that it really does not transfer, meaning you can change into a white shirt and don't worry, or you could take a nap without any worries.
The coverage is adjustable. If you apply one layer with a round top brush, you will get a good medium to full coverage. With a beautyblender it's kind of a low medium coverage. It's easy to build up with brush and a beautyblender, so it doesn't really matter what you prefer.
You don't need a lot of product, as one to one and a half pump is enough for a whole face.

It is a pricey foundation, for sure, but I think if you have the coin to buy it, you definitely should. It's a genius foundation and personally, I think it does live up to its claims and the hype!

And there you go. If you happen to have any other questions about this product, don't hesitate to contact me, I always love to help where I can!
xx nathi  😘


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