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Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation: Pass or yass? (Review)

Hey chicas 😍

Today we're gonna talk about the "Power Fabric" foundation by Giorgio Armani

Starting off with some facts about my skin:

- combination, oilier in the summer time (ergo now) - some discoloration to cover, dark spots - not really problematic, no acne, just sometimes random pimples here and there

Now claims about the foundation:

- 20 shades available
- long-wear (16h), full coverage, luminous, lightweight skin finish
- SPF25, UVB protection
- 30ml / 1.01 FL.OZ
- retails for about $64 / 50€

- Use a brush (i use a Zoeva face brush, a round top foundation brush) for the full face application. I don't know why but somehow a BeautyBlender didn't really work out with for the full face, but works well with spot concealing. - 1 pump can and will cover your whole face; a little goes a long way so be careful not to waste product! - doesn't oxidize - has a semi-matte finish  - will make your face feel suuuuper smooth! (like really, it will feel …

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