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Oh, hello beautiful!

As you guys probably know, I'm all about good quality products but what if I told you that you don't have to spend a fortune on products just to get nice ones?

If you follow me around on Snapchat (add me: nathhaliiee9 ), you probably noticed that I'm often in love with drugstore products. The reason why is that I know from experience that just because something says CHANEL doesn't mean that the quality is CHANEL.
Looking at some old blog posts, we often have some hella expensive products, that are just not worth the money. Well I'm not saying that everything you can find at the drugstore is great value, but some finds are!

What brings us to today's post: Let me tell you a little something about LIDL beauty products.
They recently launched a new bunch of them from their own brand called ''Cien''. These products only cost a few bucks but don't let that fool you! I never really looked at makeup or beauty products in general at LIDL, but recently there were some things that had caught my eye. With LIDL being ever so kind to send me some of their new launches over, I'm happy to share my opinion on these things with you!

Let's jump right in:

  • Cien E Eyeshadow: shade 17 brilliant brown
This is a beautiful one, the eyeshadow itself feels so buttery and smooth! The shade consists of a brown base with golden shimmer particles in it and it just looks absolutely beautiful on the lid!
It also doesn't fade during the day which is awesome and there is no fall-out whatsoever.
I prefer to apply this one with my ring finger rather than with a brush.
And can we just talk about the pattern on it?? Soo beautiful!

  • Cien BB Cream All-in-one blemish balm cream: medium to dark
Personally, I'm not that into BB creams because I just think that they don't cover enough like you might as well just wear nothing on your face. But this one is different, it does have quite a nice medium coverage, so by far not full (which is normal). But it covers little imperfections like small pimples, light discoloration and evens out the skin pretty well! It also has this refreshing moisturizer smell which I enjoy. The shade works perfectly for me and I started wearing this on a daily basis when I don't put on any eye makeup or just a little bit. It's also very hydrating which isn't something I particularly like because I have quite oily skin, but during the winter time, my skin always acts up and I get dry patches etc. This keeps me hydrated and glowy all day long! A big thumbs up for it having SPF15 because that's so important even when it's cold outside.

  • Cien Lipstick: 15 nude brown
Oh well, if you follow me on Instagram ( @cathalie_makeup ) you know that I couldn't live without my nude browns! So this was something I had very high expectations on because to be honest, I buy most of my lipsticks basically in the same shade but from different brand which makes them have a different undertone and application etc.
Now this one has a really light brown-orange-y tone which would be gorgeous on darker skin tones! It applies really smoothly, doesn't have a particular smell to it yet smells kinda fresh and nice but nothing too overpowering. 
I really like it, it looks simple and soft, perfect for everyday wear. 
Just keep in mind that it's a regular lipstick, not a liquid one so this will fade and it will come off when you're eating or drinking. But to be honest, compared to MAC Lipsticks, I don't see a big difference when it comes to staying power.

Here you have me wearing the BB cream and the Lipstick!
  • Cien Lipgloss: 12 Sugar Plum
I'm not quite the lipgloss type of girl because I just don't like that sticky feeling but I do own quite a few just because I sometimes feel like it just looks better on photos. 
So many girls do look for that sticky feeling in glosses (Tati Westbrook's words) so if you like that, you'll probably love this! It looks so cute and iridescent on the lips and if you pair this with a nice nude lipstick you'll look great. This one also has a really sweet candy smell which I adore! The shimmer is just wonderful and with that smell, sounds like heaven to me.

  • Cien Volume Mascara 
I don't use a lot of mascara in my life, the reason for that is that my lashes are stick straight and basically non-existent so I swear on falsies.
However, to blend my falsies with my teeny tiny lashes, I do need mascara. Having used the Too Faced Better Than Sex one for a long time, I would say that this can't quite reach the Too Faced one. But, I gotta say that this one was rated better than some Catrice and Maybelline ones in Belgium a few years ago, so I would say you would have to try and see for yourself if you like it or not. I must admit that I'm not a good reference when it comes to mascaras because, as I said, I just don't use them enough. 

  • Suddenly Madame Glamour Women's perfume
Oh my goodness this smells so good!! I have been raving about it on Snapchat already and still can't get over it! I just love the scent. It smells so fresh yet not toilet-spray fresh but just nice. I'm also really bad at describing scents but if you see this one at your local LIDL, just test it to see for yourself. Because everyone has a different favorite smell. This, I would say, smells kind of expensive, which would also explain the name.

  • Cien Eye Make-Up Remover
I often get a lot of questions about makeup removers, because people think what they use is either too harsh or just too drying and then they tend to ask about those from expensive brands. 
Well, while I enjoyed my Lancôme eye makeup remover, I don't think that this one is less good! It's very gentle on the eyes, but you gotta remind yourself to not rub! Your skin around your eyes is so delicate and if you start rubbing and pulling on it, it can cause early wrinkles and dry skin. 
This removes waterproof makeup like a pro. It contains lotus ingredients and smells so great! And the 'applicator' (?where the liquid comes out) is very special and something I've never seen before! It's basically a cotton pad shape and you just put your cotton pad onto it and press lightly and it's done! Super great.

  • Cien Nail polish: 13 Metallic Rose
This is a great nail polish, I feel like the color is kind of duo chrome, because it looks kind of silvery goldish from some angles but rose from others. I love it and actually got a lot of compliments on it! It stayed on perfectly for about a week and would have stayed longer but I removed it. Other than that, 2 coats were absolutely perfect but you could get away with just applying one. It does dry really quickly and doesn't apply streaky or anything like that, because the brush is really great!

  • Cien men Q10 Intensive anti-wrinkle cream
Now personally, I can't say a lot about this because, oh well, I'm a girl. But I gave it to my dad and he really likes it!
But, I mean, there aren't a lot of men out there that take care of their skin so ya.

  • Cien 140 Make-up pads 
These are great; they're soft an fluffy but don't leave those mini cotton balls on your face or on your lashes. So they're really decent and, seriously, it's cotton pads, why would you spend a lot of money on cotton pads? Because if you're like me and you go through a thing like this super quickly, just look for good cheap ones, just like these ones!

  • Cien Repair Shampoo Keratin Power Formula
This shampoo is life. Seriously. I just love it so much! It smells so good and the scent will stay in your hair. And I have to admit that my hair isn't really damaged a lot, but this shampoo just makes it look so silky smooth and it's just a dream!

Aaand we're done here!

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe you'll go check out the beauty section at LIDL next time you go there?
If so, tell me about your experience with these products and happy shopping!

As always, if you have any other questions, comments, concerns, don't hesitate to leave me a comment or hit me up on my socials:

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email: write me!

xx nathi😘

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for consideration by Lidl Belgium GmBH & Co.KG. Yet all opinions are my own.


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