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Hello beautiful😘

So I recently received some korean makeup products ( check out ibuybeauti to get korean products shipped to europe, with low to no shipping costs and really fast shipping! It took my parcel less than week to arrive which is insane since they do ship from korea! )

Anyways, this product is a brow pen which apparently lasts 7 days on your brows/skin.
The pen has a really precise felt tip, like a liquid liner, and can draw super thin lines so that way you can draw hair-like-strokes without any problem.

Firstly, I wanna say that I'm really happy with this pen because it can make your brows look great if you are careful while 'drawing' (it is easy to correct any mistakes though) but if you want thin hair-like-strokes you should be precise.

Secondly, the color does last really well for one day, BUT if you're any like me and expected this to last one full week, you're going to be disappointed. 
It does last better during a whole day than any other brow product I've ever used (it stays put even if you rub over it with your finger), but at the end of the day it removes way too easily with a makeup remover wipe.
Lately I've stopped removing it at night and that way it stays wonderfully. In the morning I'll just have to draw some little additional strokes at the front of my brow since I almost don't have any hair there and with some extra strokes it looks more natural. But for the rest it looks good and this saves me alot of time in the morning (extra sleep yaaas🙏)

The only thing is, and i don't know if that's the way it's actually supposed to work, is that there will be a slight stain on your skin if you remove it. That stain is super light though, but since I do follow some asian makeupartists, I think that they like that kind of stain. So maybe that way it lasts you a whole week, if you're only going for a light skintint. But after all, this tint can help you to see the shape of your brows if they're super uneven like mine! So that's definitely a time-saving plus.
The trends are very different in Asia than in Europe or the US, which means that asian people tend to go for a not drawn-on-brow, they don't really try to draw hair-like strokes, they just want to add slight fullness to their brows and mostly they go for a straighter brow (=no arch), while in Europe or the US, people tend to go more with the drawn-on-brow which is darker and fuller and really filled in and often with a really high arch.
But after all, everyone does what he prefers, no judgment♥️
My brows are something in between, I don't have a super high arch but I also don't have all straight brows.

Anyways this has nothing to do with my review sorry haha.
So the pen-strokes stay all day (even on my super oily skin) but they can be easily removed. You can take a quick shower with your brows on tho, but don't rub them too much later or the precise strokes will fade away (not your whole brow though, just the strokes become less exact.

This means it's a water-resistant formula (but not waterproof!).
It is smudge proof even when your skin is oily and it stays all day and even longer if you don't touch it with makeup remover.
It will not provide you with a ABH Dipbrow-kind-of-brow which is strong and full. This gives you more of a natural kind of finish but I prefer that especially during the week.

Check out all claims on this product HERE
I got mine in shade #2 which is the darkest out of 2 shades.

As you can see, the felt tip is really thin and sharp.

What else can I say? I'm really liking this product. Didn't expect this to last so well and you'll need some time to get used to using it but honestly, if you're okay with brow pens and liquid liners this will be no problem.

Let's sum this up:

  • waterresistant formula
  • the price is about 5€ or so which is a true bargain compared to other products (like the Anastasia Beverly Hills products, many drugstore products, etc)
  • smudgeproof
  • transferproof
  • will last up to one week if you don't touch it with makeup remover
  • will leave a light stain on your skin if you remove it every night
  • super fine tip makes it easy to draw precise strokes

A con is unfortunately the shade range; there are only 2 shades. I have the darkest one which matches my hair (it's not a black one, it's more of a dark brown.) the lighter shade is, as far as I can tell from some pictures, for light skinned people with light hair and I think it has the slightest orange undertone ( nothing dramatic but I hope you know what I mean haha )

This is how thin the pen can draw

So yes this should be it. If you want to have any further informations, don't hesitate to contact me, I'm always happy to help :)

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this little review.

xx nathi😘


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