Eyebrow Microblading: my experience, what you need to know and FAQ! 🖤

Hey beauty!

If you follow me on Snapchat you may know thatI got my eyebrows microbladed in October 2016. 
As I noticed and fully understood you guys had a lot of questions about the whole process. I did a lot of research before doing it and so should you!

This is not only valid for microblading but for everything you want to do, be it eyelash extensions, tape in extensions, permanent liner, etc., always do your research before hopping into a salon!

So let's begin!

  • Why I did it:
As you can see my eyebrows were like the definition of a mess. I over-plucked them when I was younger (yup been there done that haha), and they never really grew back. But looking at old pictures I don't think they ever had a chance to live up to my expectations of wanting to have full bushy brows, even without over-plucking. 
My brows were really sparse in the front and at the arch and I tried many oils, serums and treatments but nothing helped. 
My brow routine did take me a solid 10-15 minutes in the morning and 15-20 when I did them 'perfectly' to go out f.e. and if you look at that that's a lot of minutes! 

I had heard about microblading before and thought of it a lot, did a lot of research and finally took the decision to do it to save time.

  • The process
You gotta go there with no eye makeup on. If you have your brows filled in with a pencil or powder they will remove it.
The first step that is taken is the application of a numbing cream. This will be left on for about 20 minutes.
After that the numbing cream will be taken off and you brows will get plucked and trimmed if needed.
Next step if sketching out the brows. The artist will ask you what shape you want to go for, the thickness, etc. Then the shape will be drawn with a pencil and you can decide whether you like it or not.
Now the color will be prepared. Even though my hair is black, I don't want black brows so I went for a darker brown shade.
The tool that is used to microblade your brows looks kinda like a scalpel and its blade is made out of 2 or 3 rows of small thin needles. This blade picks up the color and the process begins.
You can hear the blade scratching your skin while the artists is drawing on small short strokes.
The part where it hurt the most was the tail of my brow.
After having roughly filled in the brows, the artist will ask you if you like it or not. Here is where you can ask for adjustments in case you think they don't look even or so.
Then the brows will be finished up.
The whole process took about one and a half hour if I remember correctly.
You will now get a list with how to care for your brows (check the next step)
A crust will appear on your brows because it's basically a scar. You are not allowed to touch that crust! You will have to wait for it to fall off.
Your skin around the brows will be red and irritated but that's completely normal and that will go away after like a day or two.

Your brows will be really dark now so just keep in mind that they won't stay that color. Once the crust has fallen off, the real color will come through.

Little hint: when my crust fell off I noticed that while my right brow already was kinda perfect, my left on did not look cute at all! The artist then told me it's because I slept on that side of my face (which was true!) and that I should avoid that while there is a crust. So just so you know.

These are my brows with the crust, about 2 days after the process.

  • The aftercare:
Before you leave you will get a piece of paper with everything about how to care for your brows now. 
This includes that you will have to buy a really greasy cream (I had to buy Bepanthene) to apply onto your crusty brows, that you shouldn't get them wet (shower) for a while and that you shouldn't apply makeup on them, etc.
Basically, don't touch them and apply your cream until your crust falls off. This can happen between like one to two weeks after the process.

  • The retouch:
After the crust has fallen, you have to get an appointment for the retouch. Here your brows will be fixed. I got my left one fixed and every little spots the artist missed the first time around.
This is really quick, I think it took about half an hour or so.
This time around you are not allowed to apply any cream on them, even though there will be a little crust.
Now if somehow you don't like the color, if it's too dark or too light in your opinion, you can also ask to get that retouched.

  • FAQ:
- Where did I go?

- How much did it cost?
250€, the first retouch included

- Did it hurt?
Kinda yes but to be honest my pain level is really low! I think if you have a tattoo you will think this is easy peasy. But it didn't hurt to the extend that I couldn't bear it anymore, it was okay.

- Who would I recommend it to?
If you struggle with your brows because they aren't sisters not even cousins, you could do this. If your brows take you too long to fill in, you could do this. If you like to go swimming a lot and always use a brow pomade, this could end up being cheaper.

- How long will it last?
I don't really know. I did read that it can last up to 1 year or even longer though! Mine have now been done for 3 months and they still look perfect.

The rest of the questions should have been answered in the post, if not don't hesitate to contact me!

xx nathi😘


  1. This is such a great in-depth post. I have been on the fence about having mine done because I like playing around with my brow shape but figure that now with my second kid on the way, maybe it isn't such a bad idea considering I won't have much time to do my brows regularly. http://bymegankelly.co.za/

    1. Thank you so much! x it really does save a lot of time and you can still play with the shape a little bit when you're wearing a lot of makeup because then they will be slightly lighter looking! Of course you can only make them then thicker and fuller, so be careful to not tell the artist to make them too thick. 🖤

  2. This is such a helpful article! I'd never come across this technique before, so interesting to learn about it and your experience :D your brows are beautiful and I adore your eye looks! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

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