Highlighting - because you're a diamond💎

Hello everyone!😍

Today I quickly want to talk to you about highlighting.
First of all; what exactly is highlighting?
Highlighting is a technique you can add to your face makeup routine which will make your features stand out by catching the light that will 'fall' on your face because of its light reflective properties. As oppose to contouring, you don't kind of hide and change some parts of your face, but you enhance them. Usually you add some highlight to your cheekbones, browbones, nosetip, over the lip and on your chin.

Second of all; what highlighter should I use?
Since it's makeup, there are many different types of highlighter😅 so it can be kinda hard to choose one. 
You have liquid/cream highlighters which are better for drier skin since they are more hydrating than powder highlighters, which are obviously better for oilier skin. But really, you can chose whichever you prefer and you think looks best on you.
There are also different shades of highlighters:
- fair skin: icy pink or icy silver 
- olive/medium skin: peachy golden
- dark skin: variations of gold but richly pigmented
You can use either a fan brush to apply it, your fingers, or any other brush which is not too dense and not too big.

Now that you know all this:
I have the Kiko Beam of light Highlighter in shade 02 for my medium skin💁

I really like this one because it's nicely pigmented and not too glittery. 
I apply this on my cheekbones, nosetip and nosebridge, on my browbone, over my browarch and a little bit over my upper lip and this is how that looks like🙈

You don't want to look like your sweating or like a glitterball. You want your skin to look healthy, that means you fake your 'glow from within' and enhance your face. 
You can just add this over your foundation or over your powder or you can even put some light cream highlight on and then some powder highlight ontop. You should test out what you like best😃

So happy experimenting and thanks for reading😻

xx, nathi😘


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