My top 10 Foundations for combination/oily skin!

Well, hello gorgeous! 

Today I want to share with you my top 10 foundations. I have 5 drugstore ones and 5 more 'highend' ones since I don't think you have to absolutely spend tons and tons of money on makeup. (even though that's like really fun and stuff i know, i know haha)

So let's start with the drugstore ones, shall we?

  • My absolute favorite/holy grail foundation has to be the Revlon Colorstay for Combination/Oily Skin. I have the shade 330 Natural Tan and it's just soo perfect in my opinion. It has a really lightweight feel to it so when you apply it to your skin, it doesn't feel cakey and doesn't look cakey! But it does have full coverage, wears really really well trough the day and lasts forever! I apply this with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush for the fullest coverage and with a damp BeautyBlender for a lighter coverage which is still a really good medium to full one. The only negative point about this foundation is the smell! It seriously smells like real paint you put on your wall. But oh well, I still love it and the smell goes away once the foundation is set. It costs about 10$.
  • My 'no need to powder' foundation is the L'oréal Indefectible 24h-matt. This should in fact be the same as the L'oréal Pro Matte one but I'm not quite sure about that, since the packaging is different and in my opinion it's not the same consistency, since i feel like this is a lot thicker. This is also a full coverage foundation but you need to be careful while applying it, since it can look really cakey quite fast. That's why I use it with a damp BeautyBlender, which does take a little bit of the coverage away but it's not too dramatic. It goes on as a liquid but sets to a matte powder finish and stays that way the whole day. So if you have combination skin and dry patches/spots on your face, I would not recommend this one since it will enhance them. Either you use a good moisturizer or primer beforehand or you just use another foundation. I have it in the shade 30 Honey and it costs about 13$.
  • My foundation that's keeping me matte even during the hottest summer days is the Manhattan Powder Mat Make Up. This is basically the same thing as with the L'oréal one but this is a little bit more on the drier side. So it's a perfect foundation for you if you have realllllly really oily skin or if you live in a hot humid climate. This has a creamy consistency and sets to a matte powdery finish. This needs to be applied with a damp BeautyBlender because otherwise you'll get all patchy and it just doesn't blend out with other tools like brushes or your hands. Same thing as before; this is not that good for combination skin if you have dry patches and stays allllll day. I got it in the shade Warm Sand 83 and it costs about 8$.
  • My 'oh no I'm not wearing Makeup I swear!' foundation is the MaxFactor Facefinity All Day Flawless. This has a quite creamy liquid consistency and applies beautifully with no matter what tool you prefer. It has a medium coverage and doesn't set matte so if you're oily you should set it with a bit of powder and you're good to go without touchups for a good 6hours I'd say, because after that it starts to wear off a little bit but if you use a primer it does stay longer. I got it in shade Bronze80 and it costs about 10$.
  • My favorite BB cream is the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector for Oily/Combination Skin. This has a really liquid consistency since it's basically like a moisturizer. The coverage is quite good I'd say it's a light to medium one. If you set it with powder, it lasts up to 5-6hours I guess but the coverage fades away. I got it in shade medium to dark and it costs about 10$.

Okay that's done now moving on to the more pricey ones!

  • My favorite one from these is the Estée Lauder Double Wear Light Stay in Place Makeup. This feels so great on the skin, like really lightweight and makes your skin look radiant and healthy. I actually prefer this over the original Double Wear since that ones too cakey for my preferences. This provides a really good medium to full coverage even though it's seriously so lightweight! It stays the whole day pretty good but I always set it with a little bit of powder just because that's kind of a routine for me haha. It blends out easily and beautifully and if you use a dense brush to apply it, you get the fullest coverage. With a BeautyBlender, you get a lighter medium coverage, and with your fingers you get a light coverage. This retails for about 40$ and i got it in the shade Intensity 3.0.
  • When I'm seriously in a rush and need full coverage in like no time I definitely go for my Mac Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder Foundation. Like it says, it's a powder foundation and I apply it with a dry BeautyBlender to get the fullest coverage possible in seconds! But since that can look quite cakey, since it's so dry, I set that with a little bit of my Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. That way it looks flawless allllll day long. And I actually feel like it keeps looking better as the day goes on, since my natural face-oils make the powder blend in a little better. This retails for about 30$ and i got it in shade C6.
  • The hype was real about this one: Make Up For Ever HD Foundation. With this i have a kind of a love-hate-relationship. When i first applied it I didn't like it. So I tried different primers and moisturizers and stuff and well, now I kind of like it. I usually go for this one when I'm going out and I know we'll be taking photos since this looks flaaaaawless in flash photography! This has a really really light feel to it and with the coverage i think it has like a light to medium one. Yes, I know. Almost every youtuber says it has a full coverage, but honestly, I don't think so. I tried applying it with a BeautyBlender and that gives you a really light coverage. A dense brush gives a fuller coverage. It does look really nice on the skin, kind of like a no-makeup-makeup. You can get this for about 45$ and I have the shade N128.
  • Full coverage but not longlasting that's a kinda good description for the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer. This has really really good coverage and a lightweight texture. But I don't think it lasts long plus it doesn't control my oiliness even with powder ontop of it, so I never wear this for a whole day. I use it when I'm just jumping out to go shopping or something like that. But this seriously rubs off like crazy! So if you're a 'face-toucher' like me, this may not be the right one for you since you'll then always have foundation on your fingers which is not that great. This applies really nice with fingers in my opinion. This retails for about 30$ and I got the shade 9 Neutral.
  • Last but not least; the classic Mac Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid. I've been loving this for so long! But didn't wear it as much lately because I prefer the powder one atm. But nevertheless this is a really nice foundation! It has full coverage, no matter how you apply it. The staying powder is also really good and it controls your face-oils without powder the whole day! Also, this photographs beautifullllly! You can get this for about 30$ and i have the shade NC42, which is not my best colormatch but I adjust that with a little bit of powder. Unfortunately the Mac-worker wasn't that good at matching me and since this was my first ever Mac Foundation, I seriously had no idea about the shades so yeah well whatever haha

We came to an end lovely! At this point, I can only tell you that the drugstore ones are really good and the highend ones are also quite good so there's no huuuge difference, that means you don't need to spend 40$ on a foundation when a 10$ one can do the same things. 
My all time favorite is definitely the Revlon Colorstay and I use that baby almost every day :) 

So yep, thank you for reading love! 
xx, nathi ��


  1. A great Selection there!
    I love the MUFE HD one too, I really need to try the EL double wear since everyone raves about it!
    Thanks for joining my link up ;)

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