Makeup Shopping Guide | BEAUTY 101 | EPISODE4

Hey sweetie!

I often get the question where I buy my makeup, because let's be real here, Luxembourg ain't the best place to shop. 
So let me list real quick where you can get certain brands here and then we're gonna hop on to online shopping.

Let's go!

1. Laura Mercier, Zoeva, Bobbi Brown: Cosmeticary 
2. Anastasia Beverly Hills (Brow products only): Planet Parfum
3. Other brands: Sephora, Paris 8, Paris XL, Lush, MAC, SMETS, ... 

Online Shopping: (alphabetical order)

  1. : you can get a wide range of beauty products on Amazon! Mostly drugstore brands, because the high end brands are pretty much always overpriced. But they often have really good beauty deals!
  2. : when shopping on Asos, you're probably only looking for clothes, but have you ever checked out their beauty range? They carry everything from Eylure Lashes to TheBalm Lipsticks! (Shipping: 3€, free from 30€)
  3. : my favorite! You can get pretty much everything there from Anastasia to Jeffree Star, and everything is at a normal price range, very fast shipping, always very well packed. (Shipping: 4,60€, free from 18€)
  4. : they carry every american beauty brand you can think of! Very fast shipping and always well packed and not overpriced. (Shipping: 10€, free from 50€)
  5. : mink lashes, very high quality for under 12$! They are all hand-made and so the shipping takes a little bit longer but I love them! (don't forget to use my code: 'cathalie_makeup' at checkout to save even more $$!) (Shipping: 5$, free from 30$)
  6. : seriously, if you're looking for something that was LE or so, just check on eBay! If you look for the right seller (check reviews!) and ask for pictures to see if it's authentic, you can get some real steals there!
  7. : everything you need from bio and natural cosmetics over to asian brands! 
  8. : every american drugstore lash you can imagine! (Shipping goes from 9$ up)
  9. : unlike our Sephora here the online site pretty much always has a full stock! (Shipping: 3,95€, free from 60€)
  10. : my number 1 when in need of asian beauty products! (Shipping: 4,99€, free from 35€)

And we're already done!

I hope you enjoyed this and happy shopping!

As always, if you have any other questions, comments, concerns, don't hesitate to leave me a comment or hit me up on my socials:

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email: write me!

xx nathi😘


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