Travel essentials 🌴 | Beauty 101 | Episode3

Hey guys!

I'll be travelling to Brighton this holiday week and thought I'd share with you: my travel essentials! 
I always try to take a minimum of products with me (but if you know me, you know that I don't have any self-control...haha) 
But here is a list of what I always have to have with me in order to be able to create any look I want! 

Let's go:

  • Face mist
Even though I have oily skin, I always like to have a nice hydrating face mist with me. The reason why is because no matter if I'm traveling by airplane, car or bus, my skin always gets dry and it's just not a cute look, especially if you want to put some makeup over it later on.
You can buy face mists everywhere and in any scent or with any benefits you like. 
Personally, I like to make my own and it's basically a rose water mist. That not only saves me money but I also can control what to put in it. Sometimes I add some green tea ingredients, sometimes tea tree, etc. depending on what my skin needs at that moment.
(Let me know if you want a DIY post on that!)
Before I did that, I used to love my pretty straight forward Avène Thermal water spray. It's basically just plain water in a spray bottle to refresh your face by spraying micro-droplets of water onto it. It's classier and easier than just dunking your face into a bowl of water right?

  • Versatile palette
I know we all love our 100 palettes but when it comes to traveling, we need to decide which one to take.
I don't own a Z-Palette because I never buy single shadows, but if you own one and can fill it up, then you don't need to keep on reading this part. Just fill it up with some shadows, contour & highlight shades and you're good to go.
For those of you, including me, who don't have a Z-Palette, just go and look for an all-arounder! I found mine on christmas and it's the Too Faced The Chocolate Shop Christmas in New York Palette.  

This baby is a real life saver: the quality of the shadows and the powders is absolutely fantastic and you get a great variety of colors; from darks to blues to purples over to nudes and you also get their best selling Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, a light banana shade, two incredible highlighters (one for everyday looks, one to blind everyone around you) and a cute pink-ish blush. Yep. You can cover your whole face with this one!
Plus it's really lightweight yet sturdy so perfect for traveling, in my opinion.
If you find a similar palette to this one, let me know so we can check it out together because I think this one is/was limited edition, even though you can still find it in some shops.

  •  Full coverage foundation
I think leaving with a full coverage foundation is always the way to go. Why? Easy: you can use it for when you want full coverage (wow I know nobody expected that...haha) but you can also make it lighter coverage by adding for example oil, moisturizer, whatever. 
When you take a light coverage foundation with you even though you like to go full glam sometimes, it's harder to go up to full coverage. It's always easier to go down on the coverage.
My must-have and absolute go-to is the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation (check my review HERE
I am seriously falling in love with this foundation over and over again and if I really need a good skin day, I use this! If I need full coverage, I use this! You get the deal.
Lately, I've been mixing it with my favorite oil: L'huile prodigieuse from Nuxe (check my post about this HERE) and this combo has been a game changer. The foundation looks flawless all day long and the oil, because it does have some glitter particles in it, gives my skin a youthful, radiant glow and damn I love it! 

  • Multi-purpose oil
Talking about my little Nuxe baby: I do think this is a must-have too. 
I'm not going to talk about this for too long, because I dedicated a whole blogpost to this. If you wanna know why you should absolutely take this with you, CLICK HERE.

  • Brushes
Here I actually want you to take a quick look at my first Beauty101 Episode, because there I listed 10 brushes you should own in order create any look. And it's those 10 brushes that I'm gonna pack. (With some other ones just because, as I said, no self-control haha)
Check that post out HERE.

  • Dry shampoo
If you're a long-term follower (then I love youuuuu) you probably know that I try to wash my hair only once a week. So I have become a firm believer in dry shampoo. 
I used to use the Batiste Dry Shampoo for dark hair but I found that that left an unwanted powder residue on my scalp, meaning that when I scratched my scalp for example, I had some powder particles underneath my nails and that was not a cute look.
I switched to the Klorane Natural Tint Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk and this, ladies and gentleman IS BOMB!! I just love this so much that I actually always buy 4-5 bottles when I go out to get it, just so that there is no risk of running out. It doesn't have a strong smell, yet smells fresh and that scent will stay for days (fresh hair wohoo), it doesn't leave that powder residue on your scalp, it's fully translucent so even if you have black hair like me, there's no grey cast. Just fantastic. 

  • Random things
Okay so we're almost done packing! 
I just need to have some lashes with me, because I don't tend to use mascara. Why? Well, my lashes are pretty much inexistent (thanks asian genes) and no matter how hard I try to curl them and to use the best mascara possible, they just don't want to cooperate. 
I always pack a pair of natural falsies and a more dramatic pair. In this case I take the Ardell Demi Wispies for the natural team and the DoDoLashes D115 for the slightest hint of drama. 
(P.S: if you're going to shop on DoDoLashes (mink lashes for under 12$ hellooo, and these are 5$!!) feel free to use my code: 'cathalie_makeup' for $$off.) 

If you don't need falsies, just pack your mascara and gurl you good.
Also think of switching to makeup removing wipes if you're not already using those. They're easier to carry!
Pack a liquid eyeliner or gel cause let's be real, a little crease work and a nice liner is the easiest but most effective makeup look!
Of course, your toothbrush, lenses & glasses (if you wear them) and all their accessories, your phone charger, soap, shampoo, passport, etc!

A little advice: make a list about a week before you leave and if there's something you didn't note down, you're gonna notice that during that week and add it. This has upped my packing game by so much because I'm a really fussy person and tend to forget a lot.

And we're done!

I hope you enjoyed this and happy traveling!

As always, if you have any other questions, comments, concerns, don't hesitate to leave me a comment or hit me up on my socials:

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xx nathi😘


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