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Hellllo everyone!😍

I hope you're doing well, and if not, don't worry; here's a new blogpost for you!πŸ˜„

So today I want to talk to you about "baking" or "strobing"

• First of all: what is baking or strobing?

Well no, i'm not talking about baking a cake or cookies! Haha 
This baking is a makeup technique that's made to highlight your features! Or to prevent your undereye-concealer from creasing. 
Baking should look lighter and more natural on the skin as opposed to contouring and highlighting, which can make you look really fakeπŸ’πŸ»
Basically, baking or strobing is mostly used on the areas of the face where you'd place your normal highlight from your contouring, but you won't carve out those cheekbones or perfect your nose. So it's more about your natural beauty!😍

• Secondly: how do you "bake" ?

As i just said, baking highlights your natural beauty so you should basically apply that under your eyes, bridge of the nose, under your cheekbones, on your chin and on your forehead.
But, I guess most people will only use it under their eyes just because; meh it's a kinda long process after all! 

So now I'll be showing you how I bake my undereye-area!😘

- Step 1: 

Start with a 'pure' face. Well you should definitely apply a thin layer of foundation, just because that way your concealer will blend better, but don't powder your face! 
I used the Kiko Liquid Skin Foundation in Neutral60 here, since it has a very light texture and blends nicely and keeps you looking fresh all day. 
I recommend you use a liquid foundation as opposed to a powder or cream foundation which is matte. Because you're gonna apply a lot of product and don't wanna look all flat and washed out. And if you have any imperfections, don't worry, you can still conceal them later.

- Step 2

Apply an eyecream if you have one. This will kinda fill in some little lines and will probably make your eyes look nore awake. 
[ I used the Guerlain Super Aqua-eye serum ]
And then just apply your regular undereye-concealer and set it, just as you normally would! But I would recommend you using a liquidy concealer or a really creamy one instead of a solid one, just because, I think, that blends out way better but of course that can also depend on your skin type and routine.
[ i used the Bourjois healthy mix correcting concealer in 53 Dark Radiance and my Beautybay Mineral foundation in Medium ] 
But be careful not to create any creases already because you won't be able to fix them after:

- Step 3:

Now it's time to bake! 
Apply a heavy, thick layer of loose (transluscent or slightly colored) powder! 
I guess it's best it you use a dry beautyblender for this part, since I think that a brush will blend it out a little bit and you don't want that!

- Step 4:

Let that thick layer of powder sit on your concealer for about 3-5minutes and then brushhhh it off!
Use a powder brush or even a damp beautyblender and just take the excess powder off. Be careful if you take the beautyblender because if it's too damp it'll just mess up your hard work! So i recommend using a fluffy brush and lightly brush the powder off and you're done!

• Why use the baking-method?

Well baking has got a few positive aspects; it makes your skin look radiant and healthy, it prevents your concealer from creasing and the staying powder will seriously blow your mind!, it's lighter than contouring and maybe more wearable for the following summerdays?

[ fyi: how does it prevent the concealer from creasing? Well since you're applying a lot of powder onto your concealer while it's still wet, respectively not all set, the powder will help the concealer to fill in the fine lines, especially around your eye area and your concealer won't move around until it's set completely. That's why you should wait a few minutes before brushing the excess powder off. And finally when your concealer is properly set and your concealer and powder are going along well, it'll last the whole day for sure, without creasing or fading! ]

Well well, yes I guess that's all I have to say about the "baking" or "strobing" technique!😊

I hope yous enjoyed this and have a nice week!

xx, nathi😘


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