How I contour 😌

Hello everyone!😊

So today I want to share with you my contouring routine, which I use mostly for special occasions like if I'm going out or for when I just want to feel faaaaaabulouss.πŸ’

This is actually a quite heavy make-up look so if you're someone who doesn't like heavy, full-coverage make-up this may not be the thing for you.

I'm going to take you trough this routine step by step so let's start!😍

Step 1:

- chosing the right contouring shade: 

I chose 2 concealers, one is liquid and the other one's creamy. I don't think that you absolutely need to chose between liquid or creamy.
The darker shade is a liquid and it's about 2-3 shades darker than my actual skin tone (I use the Kiko MakeUp Milano Natural Concealer in 06 cinnamon) and the creamy one is a camouflage concealer (mine is by Catrice shade 020 light beige) and it's 1-2 shades lighter than my actual skin tone.

Step 2:

- Start with a little bit of make-up on your face:

In my opinion, concealers just blend better that way. I always apply a lightweight foundation or a BB or CC cream, because you don't need much coverage since you're gonna be putting concealer all over your face.
(I used the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector for Oily to Combination Skin in the shade medium-dark. I really enjoy this one, since it keeps me matte, feels like I have nothing on my face and the coverage is quite nice)

Step 3:

- Application: 

Contouring can help you to either embrace your features or even kinda correct your 'face', for example you can make your nose appear straighter and slimmer with contouring. Basically you can make your whole face appear slimmer. 
I don't really feel the need to 'correct' my face I just like the look of cheekbones and a 'higher' nose.

So here you can see how I apply my concealers. 

- darker shade: imitate the natural shadows ; hollows of the cheeks, forehead/hairline, nose(make it appear slimmer, higher), jawline (avoid that double-chin-look, we all know the struggle), temples.

- lighter shade: lighten up certain areas so that the darker one can stand out more (forehead, brow bone, chin, cheeks, between the hollows of the cheeks contour and the jawline contour.

Step 4:

 - Blend and set!

Blending tools: you can either use a brush or a Beauty Blender.

I always use a Beauty Blender because I think that gives a more natural look and so you have no 'excess' product on your face.

But no matter what tool you use; always make sure to firstly blend out the lighter color and then the darker one. Otherwise you'll darken the lighter color, and that would be bad. 

Now to make sure your hard work doesn't slip around during the day, so you need to set your makeup. 
Many people use a 'banana powder' to set the lighter shade but for my skin, that just doesn't work. So i use a lighter Powder foundation ( Clinique Superpowder Double face powder 01 Matte Ivory, my regular shade is 02 matte beige.) for the highlighting color and I use my regular bronzer to set the darker color (Benefit Hoola Bronzer)

You can of course also use a Contouring Palette but I don't see why I should buy one if I have everything I need separately and it works for me, so yep I guess that's just personal preferences 😊

The best way to make sure your make-up lasts all day is, after you've set it with powder, just use a setting spray, (mine is the Urban Decay All Nighter) and you won't have to worry about it fading or smudging.

Well, well that's it already :)
I hope you enjoyed this kind of tutorial!
xx, nathi😘


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