2015 beauty favorites!😻

Hello dear and a happy 2016!😘

So, today, before we start, I actually want to apologize to you because I didn't really post much on my social media and nothing on here... I just had quite a 'hard' time and didn't want to blog anymore because of various reasons and people. 
But new year - new start, right?
I actually decided to keep going because of my boyfriend who encouraged me to go on because I love doing this. Plus I realized that, even though I may not have a ton of followers/readers, there might be like even just one person that maybe enjoys my posts and I don't want to let that person down so here's to you, reading this. I love you😘☺️

But enough of this emotional talking - let's get down to business! 😏

2015 was quite a nice year for me when it comes to beauty products - I actually discovered sooooo many new products, learned new techniques, did some people's makeup etc.
I found many new favorites and rediscovered some old ones, got my hopes crashed on some super expensive hyped things and died over new foundations and eyeshadows.

If you're new to my blog, let me tell you my skin type (since I always think that's pretty important when it comes to beauty products): 
My skin is a super oily mess especially during the hotter months and a combination (dry patches) skin during colder months. 
I definitely don't have clear skin; my nose is full of blackheads and my chin often breaks out. 
The oiliest part of my face is my forehead. 

Sooo let's begin. I want to divide this post into 4 categories, that way it's easier to have a proper overview: eyes, brows, lips and face.

1. Eyes: 

• Palettes:

❤️Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani palette!!!

Punk (dark brown red; top right) is def. my fave!

Seriously, this is sooo dang pretty! I got it as a gift, which makes it even prettier since I didn't have to pay 54€ hehe, and the colors are really nicely pigmented and there's only a little bit to no fall out when you're applying it. The matte shades are a little bit better when it comes to  application since I feel like the glitter shades are not that pigmented - i prefer the glitter shades from my Sleek and Makeup Revolution palettes. Which leads me to my next fave:

❤️ Makeup Revolution New-trals vs Neutrals palette

I once went with a really bad brush in to 'Mode' that's why it looks like that... :(

This palette is really great value for a little price! This costs about 8,50€ / £7.
The shades are nicely pigmented and there's not too much fall out except for the darker shades but it's not like a dramatic amount of fall out so don't worry. A big plus of this palette: the brush that comes with it!! It's a double ended blending and packing brush and I think it's actually really good. 

❤️ Sleek i-divine Storm palette & Romance palette

top row: Romance palette, middle row: Storm palette

These were actually the very first palettes I ever bought, and I own them now for about 2 years (well the Romance palette is only like 1 and a half year old) and they are soooo nice! The color pay-off is still really great and I especially love the transition shades from the Storm palette they just work so great and I honestly haven't found another shade that's just like those. I am actually planning on buying the Au Naturel palette which also looks suuuper pretty!
These cost about 10€ on Amazon.

• Eyeshadows: 

❤️ Kiko longlasting wet & dry eyeshadow number 200

left: without flash (it looked too rosy even tho it really isn't), right: with flash (legit color)

THIS. SERIOUSLY. If you don't have this eyeshadow in your collection yet - you should head out like right now and go get it! It's suuuuuper pretty, pigmented, also works as a highlighter, you can use it with a wet brush as well as with a dry brush, but I prefer the method with the wet brush (just spritz like a little bit of Fix+ or All Nighter on your brush and apply it to your eyes)
This costs 8,90€ on Kiko's official website.

❤️ Stila Jewel eyeshadow in Black Diamond

it fell on the floor once and the pan got loose..but hey as long as I can still use it I'm happy

Who else loves a pretty black silver opaque glitter eyeshadow???🙋
This is such a nice eyeshadow but unfortunately it leaves a lot of fall out so I'd suggest you apply this with eithet your finger or a wet brush. But I absolutely adore this color especially for a smokey eye or a chic glitter liner look.
This costs 20$ on Stila's official website.

2. Brows: 

• Pencil: 

❤️ Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Dark brown

One end is the actual pencil while the other end is a spoolie to spread/lighten the product/make it look more natural

I never really liked eyebrow pencils because I always felt like they wear off too quickly on my oily skin and don't look nice and natural, but this one ughhh! It's just so not comparable to other pencils you might find at your local drugstore.
It's a retractable waterproof pencil and honestly, I don't know what it is but the formulation of this is really great - it's powdery, but not too much, it's hard, but not that hard that the product doesn't go on to your skin and it's not too soft (you know how some pencils just draw like khol pencils? Yeah that's just not what we want!) the tip is really really fine so that you are able to draw thin strokes which can look like hair!  So if your brow game is like really weak (like mine lol) but you don't want to spend like 10 minutes on your brows every morning buuuut you want them to look on fleek though - then this is the product for you!
Costs: 18,40€ on Beautybay.

• Pomade:

❤️ Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Dark brown

remember to always close the post as soon as you can, otherwise it can quickly dry out
This was my very first product from ABH and I still love it! I have a full review on this here, but I actually changed the way I apply this: i take a cotton ball and spritz some brush cleaning spray on it and rub my brush over it so it's soft and clean (because the dipbrow dries quite hard on your brush) and then I take the tiniest bit out off my pot and go back to my cotton ball to wipe off any excess and only then I go in to do my brows. It sounds kinda complicated, but it is actually really easy and the best way to apply it in my opinion.
Costs: 17,80€ on BeautyBay.

If you want to know when I grab to what ABH brow product; the brow wiz is part of my everyday easy school makeup while the dipbrow is more like my going out product since that way my brows look more done (or more fake lol) and darker while they look natural with the brow wiz.

• Brow Set:

❤️ MAC Pro Longwear brow set

the small brush grips onto every single hair and thickens them that way

This is like the best brow setting mascara I ever used. It thickens your brow hairs and it keeps them in place all day! Plus it's waterproof!
Costs: 16,50€

3. Lips:

❤️ Gerard Cosmetics long wear hydra matte liquid lipstick in Cher

the swatch looks a little too dark

Liquid lipsticks. These were like the most hyped lip products in 2015! I'm kind of sad that I couldn't get my hands on a ABH liquid lipstick yet but oh well.
So this one by Gerard Cosmetics is a really pretty mauve-y color, it goes on really smooth on your lips, doesn't transfer but it dries them out quite a bit since it dries matte so I'd suggest you put on some lip primer or chapstick (best would be to put that on like an hour before application) underneath it to help your lips stay hydrated. 
This one also lasts quite good; kissing is okay - eating a cesar salad or a burger (or anything else which is 'oily') doesn't work. This will wear off in the middle of your lips and crumble off afterwards. I wouldn't recommend reapplying it everywhere since it can, as said, crumble off
such a lovely color

Costs: 20$ on Gerard Cosmetics' official website.

❤️ Limecrime velvetines liquid lipstick in Cashmere

again, the swatch is too dark

This is quite new and I got it as a gift and I am soooo in love! The color is a nice nude-ish coral-y shade, this doesn't transfer and it lasts really well. Well, I haven't tried eating with this yet but I'm so in love with the color that I had to include this!
perfect everyday color!

Costs: 18,60€ on LimeCrime's official website.

❤️ Bobbi Brown Creamy matte lipstick in Heather Mauve

the love of my life!

Well, what can I say. This is the most perfect color and the very best formula I've ever seen in my life. It goes on really creamy and dries matte and doesn't transfer. This also lasts a whole day and trough food. I'm just so in love, I cannot find any words that are able to describe this😻 Read my review here but keep in mind that back then I didn't apply the color correctly.
asdfghjkl I just caaan't 

Costs: 27$

❤️ MaxFactor Lipfinity lip color

left: vaseline chapstick, middle: 110 Passionate, right: 108 Frivolous

Between all of this liquid lipstick hype and looking for dupes st the drugstore, I found these babies. I own the shades 108 Frivolous and 110 Passionate.
These are a little different to your normal liquid lipstick. You apply the color to your lips and it will kind of stain them but it has a really nice color payoff! Afterwards, you need to apply the vaseline chapstick that comes with this to set the color so that it doesn't transfer or come off anymore and then you can keep reapplying that chapstick troughout your day to keep your lips nice and hydrated and the color poppinggggg🙌
Costs: about 10€ on Amazon.

4. Face:

•  Foundation: 

If you know me or have been following me for a while, you probably know that I love a full coverage face which still looks quite natural. These are my top picks for 2015:

❤️ Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation

shade 54 Honey medium. the packaging so pretty but also suuuch a mess!

A very highly pigmented foundation, almost like a concealer. It's a liquid formula and it has something like a dropper to apply it but it's not really a dropper as you can see, it's just a round end.
You only need 3 'drops' of this for your whole fully covered face! Read my full review here.
BTW: I recently bought the Smashbox Photo finish primer and this is the most perfect base for this foundation!
Costs: 45€ at Sephora

❤️ Chanel Vitalumière Aqua Fresh and hydrating cream compact makeup

the packaging is everything! shade 50 Beige

This is a really nice super duper lightweight cream foundation! You probably know the feeling of those heavy oily cream foundations you find at the drugstore? Yes well, this is so not comparable. I always loved the Vitalumière Aqua liquid foundation since it has really nice coverage while feeling like a light moisturizer on your skin! So I thought why not try this one out since it's like 10€ more expensive!
I like using a foundation brush (you know the ones that look like paint brushes) to apply this 'cream' to my face and then I blend it out with a round top kabuki. This gives really nice coverage and it looks like your second skin.
The foundation doesn't have a matte finish, however it's like a semi-matte finish but I always set it with powder (which makes it look less skin-like) but that way it doesn't get oily during the day, since it doesn't claim to have any oil-controlling properties.
Costs: 60€ on Chanel's official website.

I adore using this with the Make Up Forever Step 1 Equalizing primer! I wouldn't recommend a too silicony primer (like the Smashbox one) since then the foundation can 'slide around' if you know what I mean. Plus, don't blend this out with a beautyblender!!! The formula is sooo lightweight that your beautyblender will just absorb all of it.

• Contour & Highlight:

❤️ Maybelline Master Sculpt in Light

the picture is a little bit washed out sorry about that

I was using the Hoola Bronzer by Benefit for about two years but then I ran out and found this! It's a fraction of the price from the Hoola one but the shades are quite similar. It's a matte ashy brown - so no orange tone or glitter particles in it which is great for a drugstore product.
I think it's a really nice contouring powder to shizzle out them cheekbones like a pro.
But I really don't like the highlighter in this duo, it's quite chunky and not highlighty enough for my taste.
Costs: 8,95€ on Amazon.

❤️ Kiko Beam of light highlighter 02 Sand

the love

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I'm using this like everyday. It's just suuuch a pretty highlighter and catches the light wonderfullllly. On a regular day-to-day basis I apply it with a fan brush and when I'm feeling super fancy, I use a tiny blush brush from BeautyBay to pack it on.
It has a golden undertone, but there's another 'shade' of this available the '01 cream' one which has a more beige undertone and is perfect for really light skin.
Costs: about 5,90€

❤️ Makeup Revolution Ultra cream contour palette

I'm truly sorry that it looks so messy haha

I was actually kind of tempted to spend 50€ on the ABH Cream Contour Kit but then I got this! And I'm absolutely in loooove. Unfortunately I can only compare the shades with pictures, but I honestly don't think the shades are really different from those two palettes.
The creams have a powder finish, that means they go on smooth and not too creamy, but still easily blendable and then set to a powder finish so that it doesn't move around on your face anymore.
The contouring shades are nice and don't have an orange undertone and the yellow shade is not really my favorite but the lighter one is quite nice to highlight under your eyes and to correct your contour. (You probably can see which ones I mean if you look at the palette haha sorrrry)
Costs: about 11€

And there you go we've come to an end. What a long post haha

Anyway, I really really hope you enjoyed this!
Leave a comment if you have any questions, I'm always happy if I can help you guys.❤️

xx nathi😘


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