Review: By Terry - Terrybly Velvet Rouge Liquid Velvet Lipstick 4 Bohemian Plum

Hi there!

Sooo a while ago (end of december) I walked into my local Sephora shop and I saw that they actually carry the brand By Terry!
I don't know if that's like really a new thing or if I just missed something but I was very excited about that.

Before we start, let me introduce you to the brand By Terry, in case you haven't heard about it yet.

About the 'founder':

Terry de Gunzburg is the main driving force behind the brand she created and founded, and which she continues to manage, in partnership with her daughter, Marion Assuied. She has established herself as an architect of women's beauty who sees colour in all its facets and depths, a beauty "artivist", a citizen of the world. She is a master of design, who uses technology to fuel exclusivity and creation. She is more than a makeup artist – she is the one and only Beauty Designer. ( ) 
By Terry carries Makeup, Skincare and Fragrances.They are based in Paris and, what's kind of unique in my opinion, they also give personalized makeup lessons and you can make an appointment to get your makeup done. (exclusively in Paris I guess, I'm not sure though! ) ( ) 
The luxury brand By Terry is cruelty-free and does not test on animals when it comes to finished products or ingredients, nor do their suppliers test on animals on their behalf. They’re also an independent company and are not owned by a parent company that tests on animals. ( )
So with that all being said, let's jump right into this review:

I bought the By Terry Terrybly Velvet Rouge liquid velvet lipstick in the color '4 Bohemian Plum'.
It costs 33,90€ and you get 0.07oz / 2ml

What they say about this product: 

BY TERRY's Terrybly Velvet Rouge Liquid Velvet Lipstick combines the dewy texture of a gloss with the intense color of a lipstick. This liquid formula tones and plumps the lips, leaving them supple and visibly fuller-looking. Enriched with concentrated matte pigments for a satin finish, this sumptuous plum shade works just as well for day as it does for evening. 
Ergonomic applicator with rounded tip for a precision finish - Enriched with rejuvenating and lip-plumping plant extracts ( )
Okay so let's see what we got here:

The finish:

The thing is, this won't dry on your lips, so you'll always have that sticky gloss feeling. 
The finish is not matte, not satin but more glossy, but not as glossy as a normal lip gloss, which is not that great because it claims to be 'intense matte'.

The color:

The color is, really pigmented, it's a nice dark berry with a cool undertone. 

Application & Lasting power:

Unfortunately, the application is really not what I expected. It's really liquid-y and doesn't 'stick' on your lips quite well, so you'll have to apply a few coats, which can be quite hard since it doesn't dry on your lips. 
And since it doesn't dry, it won't last a long time, will transfer, smudge aand it bleeds a little bit (which means that it won't stay in your lipline, even with a lip pencil and some concealer.)
You can blot it after a while but then you're left with a really soft stain which is a cool toned red then.


The product comes in a dark blue-violet box with the By Terry logo, the french and the english description version.
The product itself is a nice little glass round bottle with a golden cap which has By Terry written on it in a criss cross pattern.
The applicator is really interesting, since it's not a flat one but it's kind of shaped like a 8, which means it has a round tip, a thinner middle and the bottom part is round again.

Conclusion: Is it worth the price?

To be honest, I don't really like this liquid lipstick. 
It's way too sticky, since it doesn't dry, it transfers everywhere and it bleeds.
I expect more than just a pretty packaging and a nice color from a liquid lipstick than this, especially for a 34€ price tag! 
I much prefer my Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte, Sephora Cream Lip stain, etc.
So I would definitely not rebuy this product, which makes me kind of sad because I really wanted to like it, since it's my very first By Terry product.

And we've come to an end already! 
Let me know if you like this review and if, maybe, you like this product and why?

xx Nathi😘


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