Winter skincare routine (Oily/combination skin)

Hello my lovely human!

There is finally some snow chilling on the floor here in Luxembourg and that means fun and snowmen and all that good stuff. 
Buuut, it also means that now is the time you should be changing up your skincare a little bit.


Well, as you probably have already noticed, your lips and hands are getting quite dry this time of the year right? That's because of the dry weather and the cold wind and temperature. 
Because it's so cold outside, your skin will need a little bit of assistance in order to keep its pH balance just right.

Please note: I can only talk for oily/combination skinned people!


There are various ways you can care for your skin. You can invest into some hyper expensive lotions, serums, you can use your trusty home remedies or products from the drugstore, your dermatologist, etc.
Let me list a few points which I think are important to keep your skin nice, hydrated and happy:

  • Exfoliate like 2 times a week. 
Exfoliating your skin is important to get rid of the dead skin bits. You know, those dry patches you always find on your face? Well, if you exfoliate regularly, they will become less and less.

I tend to use a Scrub during the week just for a quick freshing up of the skin (mostly wednesdays) and a Peeling weekends (sundays) to get that hard week off of my face.

You can also use a mask instead of either your peeling or your scrub. I would not recommend using all three of these in only one week since it will probably mess up your skin (mainly because you're just unnecessarily lowering your pH level, and that can cause breakouts)

The products I love: Kiko Purifying Scrub // Clarins Gentle Peeling // The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask

  • Moisturize well! YES even if you have an oily skin, trust me, just do it.
Moisturizing your skin is just so important, especially during the colder months and after you've washed your face.
You may think you like the feeling of a squeaky clean face after washing it, but trust me you should so not like it! 'Drying' out your face can cause acne and it can cause your skin to produce even more natural oils, having as a result that your face will become more and more oily.

Why is this happening you ask? 
Easy one: your face does not want to be dry if it's naturally a little bit on the oilier side, that just doesn't feel right. So it's kind of freaking out when you try to dry it out. And your skin does crazy things when it thinks it'll be dried out forever: it will produce a huge amount of sebum and spread that all over your face. Which means, you will look like an oily mess.
But what happens when you moisturize well?
Your moisturizer should always be specific for your skin type because then it often has oil-controlling ingredients while still being moisturizing. 
And that's exactly what you'll need to make your skin very happy. 
This means your moisturizer is actually making your skin think it has produced enough sebum and so - it just produces less, which means a less oily face during the day!
I actually like to put a drop of coconut oil into my moisturizer at night just so that that can penetrate into my skin over night and make my face feel baby smooth in the morning. 
You can also use Serums for that.

(Note: Please use SPF during winter!!! I knooow you may think that that's only a summer thing but NO. The sun rays are stronger than you may think plus the snow is reflecting the rays so they're kind of attacking you from everywhere. So just please use some SPF to prevent unnecessary skin damage)

The products I love: bebe young care mattifying cream for combination skin // The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion for blemished skin // Coconut oil (I use one that says it's meant to put onto the skin, I don't know if you can use regular cooking one)

  • Don't use your full-coverage mattifying foundation.
I think that this is quite important if you wanna look good all day round. 
During summer it's okay to use mattifying things because they just will keep you matte a little longer throughout the heat but during winter I think that that sort of foundation is the worst thing you can do.
Your skin will look dull and it will be dried out by those mattifying properties and so you will become more oily!
I recommend grabbing a BB or CC cream or just a lightweight foundation.
BB/CC creams are super great in my opinion just because, if you apply them over your moisturizer, they will give you an extra kick of hydration. Plus they are supposed to smooth out your skin, but also to help it looking better overall, that means if you have blemished skin, don't be afraid to just use a BB or CC cream - your skin will be able to 'breathe' and it will look better after a few days or weeks. 
You can of course still use your mattifying powder, don't get me wrong here, but I just feel like a thick foundation layer is just not working out when it's cold outside. 
(plus: if your nose is running, do you really want to have to wipe off all of that beautiful, and probably expensive, foundation? nahhh)

The products I love: Estée Lauder Double Wear Light (this is a super lightweight foundation with a medium coverage and SPF10 - perfection in a tube!) // Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector for oily & combination skin // Vichy Normaderm BB Clear Unifying corrective cream (SPF16 with skin perfecting ingredients!)

If you have dry skin:

I would recommend checking Melanie Murphy's Skincare & Makeup Routine for dry, acne prone skin! 

Note: please be aware that I am not a professional skin care therapist or something like that. This is what works out for me and my oily skin, I can not assure you that this will work for you as well.

And I guess, that's it for today!If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me. I always love to help you guys out.

xx nathi😘


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