Benefits of Tea Tree Oil | BEAUTY101 | Episode 7

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Hola beauties!

If you know me, you know that I absolutely love tea tree oil! It just has so many benefits for your skin and your health and I think it is quite underrated. People do tend to spend alot of money on serums and face mists and then complain about them not working and totally not being worth their money. I went through that too so no need to feel bad about that. 
Fact is that since I discovered the benefits of tea tree oil my skin has been very thankful. 

So today I want to share these with you! 

Starting off: the main thing to do is get an empty spray bottle, fill it 3/4 with water and then add 5-10 drops of tea tree oil (depending on the size of your bottle). Now you have a tea tree face mist!

Let's get right into it: 

1. Spray your makeup brushes with your mist.
Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties, so if you give your brushes a quick spritz, they will be free of bacteria! This can prevent breakouts. 

2. Spray your mist onto your wounds.
Tea tree oil can help clean your wounds and prevent any infections. It's a really nice antiseptic and has been used as such since the early 1900s! 

3. Spray your mist onto your face before applying your skin care and/or makeup.
Tea tree oil will also help keeping your oils at bay and refining your skin (pores, fine lines, etc), furthermore, as said before it's antibacterial properties will prevent breakouts and finally, if you popped a pimple (which you should really not do, but I know it happens...haha) this will also help the healing process.

4. Apply tea tree oil onto a pimple.
If you do happen to get a pimple, apply some tea tree oil onto it and, to make it work even better over night apply it on a bandaid and stick it on. Thank me later.

5. Add tea tree oil into your moisturizer.
You don't have to mix your oil with water, you can pretty much mix it into everything. I really like to add it to some moisturizer, just so I can apply it in the morning/evening even if I'm not going to apply anything else that day. 

But there are not only benefits for your skin but also for your overall health! Which I'm gonna add too.

  • Add a drop of tea tree oil onto your toothbrush to disinfect it. That way it's free of bacteria and we all know that's what we aim for when brushing our teeth. 
  • Mix tea tree oil with baking soda, spray onto surfaces and then wipe off with water. As an all natural disinfectant you can keep your bathroom and kitchen surfaces all clean and nice!
  • Spritz your tea tree mist onto your clothes during summer. This will act as an natural insect repellent. And so ants and/or other insect will avoid you.
  • When you have a stuffy nose or any other symptom of a cold, use tea tree oil mixed into steaming water. Put that mixture into a bowl and place your head over it and cover it with a towel. This steam will help clear your nasal passages and kill any bacteria. 
  • When you have your mist with you, you can easily use it as a breath freshener! It will neutralize anything that will cause bad smell. 

And we're already done!

I hope you enjoyed this.

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xx nathi😘


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