How to: Apply masks properly so that they work! | BEAUTY 101 | EPISODE6

Hey there!

I often get questions about masks. In most cases, people buy a mask that got hyped up heavily on the internet and then when they use it - it literally doesn't do anything.

I found that mostly the problem ain't the mask but the application process!

There are 6 essential steps you should really take before applying your mask:

1. Get bare-faced!  You need to apply your mask on to bare skin, so remove all of your makeup. You may sometimes see ads where people are having a full eye makeup on but seriously, just remove it. It's not like you're gonna go out with a mask anyways. The ads-makeup is mostly only for aesthetics. So you should remove your makeup with a makeup wipe or whatever you're using really carefully.

2. Steam your face! Now even though the part about removing your makeup may seem obvious to many, this step is something people often forget about. No matter what mask you're using, you need to always make sure you open up your pores. You can do this by either taking a hot shower or just put some boiling water into a bowl and put your face over that, covering your head with a towel.
By steaming your face, you will allow the ingredients of the mask to sink deeper into your skin.
This is an essential step especially for any black/charcoal mask! 

3. Put your mask on with a brush! No matter what sort of mask you have there (except for a sheet mask, obviously) you should always make sure you're applying it with a flat foundation brush. The reason why is because your foundation brush (which should be clean before application) will apply a really even layer and will not put any bacteria onto your face, unlike your fingers.
I know how convenient it is to just dip your finger into the mask and apply, but a brush is more sanitary and will help your mask to work better.

4. Read the instructions! I know, reading the instructions is something we tend to ignore, but when it comes to a mask, you should really do it. Not only will this help you with the application, it will also tell you how to remove your mask. There are different ways to remove a mask, either by applying lukewarm water or cold water, or just by peeling it off. 
Your instructions sheet will also inform you about how long you can leave the mask on.
While you can leave sheet masks on until they're totally dry, you should not leave a black/charcoal mask on for however long you want. 

5. Unless stated differently in the instructions; rinse your face! After removing your mask, you should rinse your face, or if stated differently, massage the rest of the product into your skin.
By rinsing your skin, with cold water, you 'close' your pores. This will keep bacteria out of them! 

6. Apply your normal skin care routine! After using a mask, it is often recommended that you don't put on makeup afterwards. Hence why I like to apply my masks in the evening. 
Just apply your serum, cream, face oils, whatever you usually use.
After a black/charcoal mask I really like to apply things I know will help my pores to shrink and my blackheads to die: you can easily use some tea tree oil before/with your moisturizer to do that, no need to go out and buy fancy creams or serums. Or use aloe vera gel, let that dry ( you will notice your skin feeling tighter ) and then apply your moisturizer.

P.S.: If you do this and your mask is still not doing anything, it ain't no good and you should probably throw it away and go buy another one.
But: You should not expect phenomenal results after one single use! (Well, there might be some where you get a temporarily immediate result but that's not often the case.) A mask is something you should add to your skin care routine and do like once a week and only after a few weeks you should notice a difference. 

My favourite masks:

- Black/charcoal mask: Daiso Black Peel Off Mask (you can easily make your own by using activated charcoal pills and non-toxic glue)
- Sheet masks: Tony Moly I'm Real Skin Care Facial Masks (11 masks for 12$? YAAAS) & the Sephora sheet masks

And we're already done!

I hope you enjoyed this.

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