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Hi there! My name is Nathalie :) i'm 20 years old and live in the beautiful tiny Luxembourg :) I'm in love with makeup and I want to share my experiments and discoveries with you!
A few more informations that could be helpful for you: i'm asian, my skin is reaaaaaaaallly oily (like seriously sometimes i feel like i could cook bacon on my forehead and cheeks!) and i often have little breakouts, my hair is quite long and dipdied ; black into a brownish orange/red color, and it gets greasy really fast but my lenghts are dry which is, i believe, the hair type most of us girls have πŸ’πŸΌ (update: my hair is now shorter and all black!).
What else can i say? I believe in dupes haha, i just looove finding something cheap that can replace my high-end product because well who doesn't love having more money left to buy even more makeup?😁

Anyway i guess that's enough for now, see you!:)
xx, nathi😘

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