Splurge or Purge?

In the ring: 

Benefit Porefessional pro balm to minimize the appearance of pores (yep i do have the mini sample size since i just wanted to try it out because i find it too expensive💁🏼)


Sephora Prep&Perfect pore&fine line filler blurring effect

Starting off:

- 'porefilling' ?
Both claim to 'hide' your pores for a flawless face to start off your makeup. I think that both do the job pretty well but in my opinion the Sephora one does a slightly better job. Even though the Porefessional is still a really great product.

- lasting power / mattifying power?
Both lasted me an entire day ( from ~7am until ~10pm) and they mattified my skin quite nicely without sinking into my pores BUT i feel like the Sephora one is keeping me matte for a little longer. Because with the Porefessional i need my blotting papers by the middle of the day let's say after 6 hours, and i didn't feel like i needed them with the Sephora one. But that depends on your skin type i guess.

- smoother skin? Consistency? 
YAAAS! I love how smooth my skin feels after applying one of these. It just feels so soft and smooth.
The consistency of both is reaaaally similar, they feel silky, creamy and a little silikony ( sephora: left, benefit: right )
But i feel like when your skin is slightly dry, the porefessional 'crumbles' a little bit, something that the sephora one didn't do so far. 

- Price ?
Benefit porefessional: 34€ or 31$ for 22ml or 0.75oz
Sephora Prep&Perfect: 13€ or 10$ for 25ml or 0.84oz

- Conclusion: 
All in all i prefer the Sephora one. It's cheaper and it was just better on my skin and kept me more matte during the day. 
The Porefessional is really great but i don't think it's made for very oily skin so i guess it's perfect for a normal to combination skin even though it does emphasize some dry patches.
I guess you could call the Sephora Prep&Perfect a dupe for the Porefessional even though it's still not that cheap.
But for drugstore 'porefillers' i tried the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Refiner and seriously i hate it. It just does basically nothing to your pores, it just males me skin feel a little bit smoother but nothing in comparison to these two primers.
So whichever one you chose, they're both great it just depends on your skin type and budget😁

xx, nathi😘


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