First post: Kiko dupe for the Chanel illusion d'ombre 83 ILLUSOIRE

Sooo my first post is about a cheap dupe!
What's a dupe? Well a dupe is basically a cheaper alternative to something, mostly about high-end products and drugstore products. 

Starting off:
First we have the lovely Chanel illusion d'ombre long wear luminous eyeshadow in the shade 83 illusoire

- Consistency: creamy, but it dries out quite fast. I've had mine for about two months when it started to dry out but now, after about 7 months, it's still usable so it's not too bad. Since it's creamy it's easy to blend and to build up once it sets. I apply it with fingertips even though there's a tiny brush in the package but fingertips really work best.

- Wearability: even though it's a creamy product, it sets quite fast. So it does last quite a long time. I've had this on for a whole day (from ~ 8am until 10pm) and it just faded a little bit but not too much. It still looked great and didn't smudge which is important to me because since i have monolids, eyeshadows often tend to smudge.

- Price: about 34€ or 36$ for 4g or 0,14oz

- where to get it: Chanel counter or website, nordstrom, douglas, etc

Now onto the dupe: 
It's the Kiko Milano Cream Crush lasting colour eyeshadow in the shade 08 Pearly dark brown

- Consistency: creamy. I own it now for about 1 month and it's still as creamy as it was when i bought it. So didn't dry out so far. This is also best applied with fingertips because you can just blend it out easier that way. It's also buildable.

- Wearability: this doesn't set as fast as the Chanel one. But it does last a whole day without smudging but i think it did fade a little more but nothing too dramatic.

- Price: 7€ or 7£ for  4g or 0,14 oz

- where to get it: Kikocosmetics online shop or a kiko shop

Let's compare these two lovelies: 
So both look quite different in their containers. The Chanel one has got a more pinkish undertone while the Kiko one is more brownish. Both are shimmery but not over the top. ( Chanel: left, Kiko: right)
I honestly love both. If i want to feel supersophisticated i use the Chanel one and on a daily basis i go for the Kiko one. But really there's no big difference between the two, it's just the price difference which is huge. 
So no matter which one you chose, they're both really nice. :)

xx, nathi 😘


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